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Loops list

Audio loops are cut to be played in loop (hence their name). A sequencer allows to put together these audio loops and to add MIDI loops for example.

One important thing: it is possible to modify playback speed of an audio material without altering pitch thanks to an audio software.

This parts can be reworked in new creations as melodies, sound or rhythms.

Maloya Roots Percussions proposes a set of loops representative of the various styles of Maloya:

  • Le pleuré (5 versions)

  • Le roulé (5 versions)

  • Le valsé (3 versions)

  • Le kassé (5 versions)

  • Le Maligassé (3 versions)

  • Le Kabaré (5 versions)

  • Le Moring' (4 versions)

  • Le Malbar Binaire (2 versions

Loops are built from the following instruments: kayamb, rouleur, bobre, sati, triangle, piqueur, congas and djembé. Each loop is an individual instrument.

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