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12v 7ah Battery Charger Circuit Diagram Pdf

Normal battery charger technology uses single-stage battery charging technology i.e. only charge the battery up to the maximum charging voltage preset by the charging circuit. Now here is a 12V, 7Ah smart battery charging circuit which is also referred to as a smart charger uses three-stage of charging i.e. bulk stage, absorption stage, and float stage.

12v 7ah Battery Charger Circuit Diagram Pdf

Download File:

The circuit diagram of the 12V, 7Ah smart battery charger is shown in figure 1. It utilizes a step-down transformer, adjustable voltage regulator IC (LM317), op-amp comparator, zener diode, and a few other active and passive components.

PCB of this smart battery charger circuit is built using the Altium design tool. Solder side and component side PCB diagrams are shown in Figures 3 and 4. Download the actual size solder side and component from the link given below.

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