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Valya 7Yo Sweet Russian Angel With Smile __HOT__

it seems valentina is pregnant, at least cocksucking she is! unfortunately, we had planned to visit her, and would have preferred to have her with child. but just as we feared, her previous encounters had withered her natural wit and spirit, and she is now much diminished. however, we at least can visit her before her old aunt, who seems like a god-damned troll, comes. we need to make sure she will do her part, and we dont want her belly to grow. you, her husband, seem to be the perfect choice. you can fill the harlot, and this way she can be rid of you, as we want her anyway. take her upstairs and stuff her tight pussy with your rock hard cock.

Valya 7Yo Sweet Russian Angel With Smile

now the two are out of the house, and our plans can take place. the plan is straight forward. first we lure them into the kitchen. we have a surprise for them! watch as tasty val struggles to maintain her composure, and then you can watch as she struggles and begs you to fuck her tight cunt. her eyes are wide and the begging in her eyes and moans will be the next thing you see from her. this was plan a; now we have to come up with plan b. plan b is to rescue young marina and make her pregnant so we can continue to fuck her whenever we please. we will take her to the u.s. and make her a part of the family. after all, shes a whore.

ella here. i was waiting in the park and recreation area at the planetarium - you know the place where you go to talk and dream about sex? well, they have excellent internet there. so it turns out that i have a visitor! seems that some guy i didnt know accosted me and asked me to show him some pussies! luckily, i went for it, and he appeared to be of the size that i could find some use for. i could hardly believe my luck! and then a little boy came out of nowhere and kissed me! i was so surprised that i couldnt stop him! and then he fondled me all over, pulling my hair and getting on my tits! i can't believe i've never tried an 18 year old until now. but i suppose that i can now. theyre all screaming for it over there right now, as i'm sure it is! they're all screaming at the picture of my big tits! and there are plenty of them to show! i think thats it. i'm going to have my picture all over the internet! i'll be delighted to have some action like this! hope i can do it too! and so do you!

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