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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is offering a virtual training program that provides instruction on the guidance for the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)-E. This training is part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure home health providers have access to the educational materials necessary to promote understanding and compliance with changes in reporting requirements associated with the Home Health Quality Reporting Program (HH QRP). These changes go into effect on January 1, 2023. A major focus of this training will be on the cross-setting implementation of the standardized patient assessment data elements being introduced in 2023 to ensure more consistent reporting and evaluation across post-acute care settings.

Videos Part 2zip


If you're in Denver today, January 30 or 31st, drop by the Convention Center to see Zeuss and Chris at the Hennessy Hammock booth # UL30038. People are going wild for the new Survivorman hammock, created in partnership with TV personality, bushcrafter and survivalist Les Stroud. The Survivorman is a double bottomed hammock for extra insulation or...

By 1998, the company had partnered with about 160 newspapers to develop guides to cities, either locally or at full scale. According to chairman and co-founder Elon Musk, twenty of those newspapers led to full-scale city guides. The New York Times reported that Zip2 also provided newspapers with an online directory, calendar, and email alongside their core offering.[10]

Zip Kit 6F35-ZIP targets the root cause of multiple concerns by sealing critical circuit pressure losses in the Ford 6F35 Gen. 1 and Gen. 2 valve body. The kit contains uniquely designed parts to prevent the loss of pressures within the main line, clutch apply control, solenoid feed, compensator feed and lockup control circuits. The kit also seals multiple circuits known to suffer from end plug leakage or poor checkball sealing. No special tools are required for installing these parts.

It's easy to restore and extend vehicle shift quality with Zip Kits. Uniquely designed, drop-in Sonnax parts target the root cause of valve body complaints and stop critical circuit pressure losses in the most common problem areas of the transmission.

Use our 18/2, SPT 2, Green Zip Cord in order to create a customizable extension cord. Specially designed with a sturdy wire that is 100' long, this zip cord is the top trusted choice for professional Christmas installers. Add as many female and male plugs as you desire in order to create your ideal power cord for your particular lighting display and your size of building. No more are you limited to just the few cords that are available. This green zip cord can give you the professional edge you are looking for to make your lights look as professional as possible. If you want to make installation easier for you, then this cord can be the tool you need. 041b061a72

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